An interest traveling with you

One of the core benefits of butterfly spotting is that butterflies are almost everywhere. This means, when you are traveling, you can take your passion with you.

Another location may provide another biotope, and a new set of completely different species. Assuming there’s nature around, providing food and shelter, there will be butterflies and moths as well. Even the smallest travel can cause major variation to what species can be found.

Some people even go as far as traveling specifically because of butterflies. During winter, there’s not much to do but wait for a new season to begin. Not everyone is settling for waiting when, on the opposite site of the world, another season reaches its peak. So it comes that the true enthusiast packs their gear to head towards southeast Asia, Africa or south America.

Nevertheless, whenever you’re about to explore new places, regardless if that would be a rainforest, the Alps, Lapland or a natural resort next to you, make sure to keep your camera with you. When I started the Butterfly Playbook project I was browsing through photos from trips in the recent past. And I was surprised how focused I was on photographing butterflies.

Last but not least, I remember travelling to Chicago when I was a small kid. Even in a concrete jungle, it was back then when I spotted the one and only Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) I’ve ever seen until today. Hence, it is not only untouched nature which can surprise you.

Did you know…

Globally Lepidoptera, that is the order of insects including moths and butterflies, counts over an estimated 174 000 different species. Perhaps a moment for thinking: How many have you come across so far?

Source: Wikipedia (January 9, 2014)

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