Butterflies and other hobbies

Being interested in butterflies does not necessarily require to start entirely with a new hobby. Butterflies and moths can also just be a new direction, or add more value to another interest of yours.

At least a couple of activities come in my mind which are perfectly matching with watching or raising butterflies.


A photographer, interested in nature, wildlife or even insects, may find a new pleasure in their activity through butterflies. Try specializing on these small moving objects and you get new challenge, but also great photos from your hobby.


Many people share a common interest in gardening and getting a variety of flowers to blossom. Why not making your garden to a true butterfly garden? Focusing on flowers that attract butterflies will generate twice the magnificence. Adding a separate feeding station for butterflies, with a special beverage, will further increase the chances of getting visitors.

If you want to go even further, you may also try to attract butterflies to lay their eggs right in your garden. With a bit of luck, growing the right food plants for caterpillars might turn your backyard to a true biotope.


I think it’s fair enough to call nature a hobby. This includes just enjoying nature, taking walks and spending time in the greenery. Keeping a special eye on butterflies adds value to observing nature. You’ll learn about different species and you’ll get hooked trying to make new sightings.

The photo above is a good example  where all three hobbies named in this post are applied. First comes understanding nature, and in this case learning the basics about a species (specifically its food plants). Next, it’s time for gardening and planting dill. Last comes photography, to keeping a moment and achievement alive.

Although these particular caterpillars were picked on a field nearby, it’s pretty common that Old World Swallowtails lay their eggs directly on dill, carrots or fennel in people’s garden.

Did you know…

In Switzerland the caterpillars of Old World Swallowtails often appears in people’s vegetable garden by coincidence. Due to the species’ preference to feeding on carrot leafs people call the caterpillar carrot caterpillars.

Source: The Butterfly Playbook

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