Introducing butterflies as hobby

Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) 1

Starting with butterflies as hobby is easy and simple. Start by taking a walk outside and spot some of these beautiful creatures.

Enjoy adult butterflies flying by and visiting flowers, or have a look at their food plant if you find any of their often fascinating caterpillars. Settle with observing a variety of species in nature, or go for a closer look at their metamorphosis by raising caterpillars at home.

Take your hobby to vacations abroad, start rearing a caterpillar for learning about nature, and get a real close-up of an adult butterfly while watching it hatch. Set your goals what species you want to find, and make it a challenge to spot them in nature. You can also just set up your garden in a butterfly-friendly way, and let nature take it’s own course.

This section is introducing butterflies as a hobby. Related posts will introduce why butterflying could be the ideal activity for you.

Did you know…

The life cycle, or metamorphosis, of a butterfly consists of four stages: Egg, caterpillar, pupa and the adult butterfly. Though we mostly perceive adult butterflies, it may take an individual up to a decade to reach that last stage while spending the majority of life as a caterpillar or pupa.

Source: Murtosaari (J) & Mäntynen (P), 2013. Perhosten vuosi, Minerva Kustannus Oy, pp. 19-23

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