The Butterfly Garden project

Many people feed birds in their garden during winter time. Give it a shot, and do the same with butterflies in the summer.

Assuming you have a spot with some direct sunshine you can try attracting butterflies through a series of preparations. I’m going to experiment a bit on my own, trying to set up the ultimate butterfly attraction.

Obviously, an important factor for success is the location. If your garden is downtown it will be more difficult compared to living on the countryside (where lots of butterflies will fly by your garden anyway). We got our own small backyard close enough to nature to take the challenge.

This section, the butterfly garden, is about attracting as many butterflies and different species to visit our garden as possible. Specially selected flowers, feeding stations and food plants will hopefully generate results.

I can’t make promises, but the coming season will show how lucky I get.

Give it a try…

Try visiting your local garden centre on a sunny day. Assuming they keep flowers outside you can watch if any of the flowers around seem to attract butterflies better than others (see photo below).

Source: The Butterfly Playbook

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