The Butterfly Playbook is set up

During the last couple of weeks I dedicated my time to setting up an entirely new project, The Butterfly Playbook. This project is about watching and raising some of the most incredible and amazing creatures, our butterflies and moths.

The Butterfly Playbook will be gathering experience on finding and raising caterpillars, spotting and attracting butterflies and particularly, making all that experience available to you.

You’re thinking what in the world? Well, butterflies are my interest. And I call it the most beautiful hobby in the world.

Due to my location, southern Finland, spring is still a couple months away. Before the first butterflies awake there is time for preparations and planning. And furthermore, it’s a good moment for a review on the previous season.

I’ll be taking my family on a fascinating journey. And you’re very welcome to join. Read more about the playbook, or browse through the content posted so far.

Happy butterflying

– The author

Did you know…

Every post in The Butterfly Playbook highlights a fact or a tip about butterflies and moths. Read some posts and learn simple facts or catch a tip. You’ll find those in a yellow box like this.

Source: The Butterfly Playbook

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