Butterfly romance

The dancing flight and flirting game of two butterflies is something unique. Personally, I haven’t had the luck to observe too many of these moments so far. However, recently I caught one of these private events.

A warm spring day made the butterflies go crazy, aiming at fulfilling the one and only mission in their lives: to continue the species. Especially the Common Brimstones (Gonepteryx rhamni) were very active. While I was close to a female, a male was flying by. Attracted either by the sight or the female’s pheromones, the dalliance begun.

Unfortunately, I did not see final “the magic happen”. There was no copula as a second male Brimstone interrupted the game. The female clearly was ready, and most likely the game continued after I left for other butterflies around.

All in all, a very special moment. And luckily, there’s a couple photos for looking back and sharing.


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