Good luck vs bad luck

No doubt butterflying, a.k.a. butterfly spotting, requires luck. First, you first need to sight a butterfly. Second, you’ll also want to get a decent photo.

Where can the line between good and bad luck be drawn? Is sighting a butterfly you’re after good luck if you can’t catch it with your camera? Or is it bad luck just to be teased? I must admit, chasing butterflies generates lots of disappointment. Nevertheless, I guess that’s a mission, a challenge I love about this hobby.

The other day I spent 4 hours browsing through two biotopes. And yes, I got sightings…but not the photos. Practically all I got were a couple shots on the ventral (underside) view of the Map (Araschnia levana). However, I had a good time being out. And the diversity of species that were present was a good sign there should also be plenty of caterpillars around in a couple weeks. Also worth being mentioned is that so far I’ve not found any caterpillars. I assume in most cases they haven’t hatched yet.

In addition to the Map I also spotted my first Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) and Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) today. Both are migrating species, overwintering in southern Europe or northern Africa. The recent warm wind from south has brought them to Finland. Hopefully these winds have brought some other surprises, too. Another beautiful species I came across today was the Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas). Unfortunately, I had absolutely no luck with my camera.

All in all, I guess despite of having bad luck with the camera having good luck with sightings is more important. See below for the little photos I got. I’ve added some failed shots as well.


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