Small Copper

Size is not the only criteria that counts when it comes to butterflies. Sometimes it’s the tiny ones that are the true beauties. Here’s some shots I got of a Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas). Depending on the light conditions the colors shimmer like e.g. the Purple Emperor (Apatura iris) or many species of the butterfly family called Lycaenidae¬†(which also the Smalle Copper belongs to).

Another species I finally caught with my camera this spring, not a special photo though, is the Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus). The Holly Blue is the first of the Blues to fly in spring and has been around for already some time now. A female was taking a rest just long enough to get a single photo.

I’ll try to get better photos, particularly of the Small Copper, later on. Lots of other species of the Blues have been reported to have started their flight in Finland during the last week. Hopefully I can finally cover some of them with good footage as well. In the meantime, the sunny and warm days are over for at least the next couple days.


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