Are you afraid of…

The caterpillar. A stage every butterfly has to pass before ever being able to reveal the beauty of its wings and fly. Many people are disgusted, or even afraid of these weird looking creatures. Personally, I’m fascinated by them. And guess what, our daughter, too.

I wanted to let Sienna have a caterpillar of the Privet Hawk Moth (Sphinx ligustri) walk on her hand. I kept the camera ready. And when I was browsing through the photos I was amazed. The look she had while observing the insect, priceless.

Here’s some of the shots. Hawk Moths (Sphingidae), by the way, commonly have gigantic caterpillars with a horn at the tail. That’s why they’re sometimes referred to as hornworms. This particular caterpillar had finished eating and was preparing to pupate soon. At this stage they’re really active and won’t stop walking. A great moment to get life on photos.

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