Beautiful caterpillars: The Bedstraw Hawk-moth

Hawk-moth caterpillars are always impressive. Some species, however, are well disguised and only rarely spotted. Others don’t do too well hiding themselves. Caterpillars of Hawk-moths, the so called Hornworms, primarily feed during night. During daylight, they stay hidden in the growth.

The Bedstraw Hawk-moth (Hyles gallii) is a common species in Finland. Late summer the caterpillars can be found pretty easily on Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium). Normally, single eggs are laid on the food plants. But there’s occasions where caterpillars can appear in small groups. In 2015, I sighted a spot where about 15-20 caterpillars were feeding on a very small area of only a couple square meters.

Caterpillars of this moths can have variations in color and pattern. Sometimes it feels that every larva has its unique dress.

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