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To stay more active and keep my photo feed more real-time I’ve set up a page for the Butterfly Playbook on Facebook. I’ve been struggling to find time for publishing  observations and findings. That said, keep an eye on on the FB page on https://www.facebook.com/butterflyplaybook/ for beautiful shots and tips all around butterflies and moths – all the way from egg to imago!

2 thoughts on “Over to Facebook

  1. HI Mikah – may I ask – have you ever photographed the eggs of Scarce Tortoiseshell? We are looking for such a photo for a book we are working on. If so, please do email us. Regards. Brian Clews, WildGuides Publishing UK

    • Hi Brian. Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able fo find eggs of the species. After the mass migration years back they have practically diaappeared from the entire country. I hope you can manage finding a shot from someone. I’d have loved to help you out but need to pass. Good luck with the book you’re working on.

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