The playbook

The Butterfly Playbook is a project dedicated to sharing knowledge, experience, tips and tricks for getting started with butterflies as a hobby. Butterfly watching and caterpillar rearing are activities available to all of us. And getting started is easier than one might think.

Probably all of us know butterflies. We know them from books we were browsing as little kids, from toys, fabrics, interior decoration, you name it. And occasionally, from seeing a real butterfly without further noticing it’s appearance.

However, there’s more. Pulling some statistics from Wikipedia, there’s over 174 thousand different species of butterflies and moths. These species, belonging to the insect order of Lepidoptera, come in all possible colors, shapes and behavioral manners.

My aim is to make my learning, insights and photos available to anyone being interested in butterflies and moths. Note though, I am not an expert. In fact, most of my current knowledge is based on my childhood experience and memories.

Emphasis of the playbook lies on raising butterflies, including the challenge of finding caterpillars and eggs. Breeding butterflies allows close-up observation of the metamorphosis. Ultimately, the rewarding part of all the care are the hatching butterflies. Am I wrong calling this the most beautiful hobby in the world?

Start a truly balanced hobby, and start following the Butterfly Playbook to get hooked by the world of butterflies.

Happy butterflying

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