Ants and Silver-studded blue caterpillars

Caterpillars of many Blue species live in symbiosis with ants. The Silver-studded blue (Plebejus argus) is no exeption. Should you be searching for caterpillars make sure to focus on the buzz of ants. These are “milking” the caterpillars. The ants may be easier to spot than the well camouflaged, tiny caterpillars.

I wanted to focus on photographing as many Blue’s caterpillars this summer as possible. Earlier, I got some shots from the Common Blue. This time, I was scanning a different terrain. A rocky, dry forest with pine trees, calluna and blueberries. I took a close look at the bushes of calluna. As mentioned earlier, the nervous ants that were guarding the larvae made it rather easy to find what I was after. To get the species confirmed I took two caterpillars home for raising.

Blue’n orange

There’s a particular moment after midsummer when various species of the Blues and Fritillaries hatch. During those days it feels like almost all butterflies around carry blue or orange shades. It’s also one of the most difficult times to properly identify sighted species. Please drop me a not in case I’ve misidentified any of the creatures listed below.