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Family time with daughter Sienna

Family time with daughter Sienna

As a little kid I used to be fascinated by the world of butterflies. Like many others, I occasionally came across a caterpillar, put it into a jar and took it ome to follow its journey.

Over the years, life started to become more and more hectic. Focus shifted towards sports, then education and making a career. I suppose this can be called growing up, getting adult.

I never lost the trigger in my mind, forcing my head to turn when a butterfly was passing by, or having a distant look at a food plant I used to browse as a kid.

Becoming adult also meant building a family. In summer 2011 my wife gave birth to our first child, daughter Sienna. It was time for a new chapter in life. I started having a look back at my childhood to understand what elements were of importance to me, and what I want to hand over to our children. Nature, and particularly the amazing world of butterflies and moths, is one of these elements.

I’m probably not be the typical guy running after bugs. I’m also not an expert in butterflies or a research scientist. I am a family guy, father of three, and I just have a passion for the beauty, diversity and fragility of butterflies and moths. Therefor, let me call myself a hobby-lepidopterist.

Today, I live and work in the metropolitan area of Finland. The region offers a great habitat to many interesting species, and accessing nature is easy.

Being a professional software engineer, I couldn’t possibly think of a better hobby. Butterflies provide an ideal balance for life while the entire family can participate. By the way, I would also like to thank my wife for approving the caterpillars at home, and especially the cocoons spending winter in the crisper compartment of our fridge.

Happy butterflying

– The author

2 thoughts on “The author

  1. We are a bit further down the path of “becoming and adult”, but we also share your love of insects and nature. Being retired in Ecuador gives us lots of “photo-ops” and chances to share the fascinating insects we discover here.

    Thanks for liking our posts and good luck with your butterfly project!

  2. Hi, I enjoy your site very much…especially the ‘family’ presentation aspect. I too love nature and hope that you have a lot of growing up experiences with your kids!


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